Compression Sock Review – Zensah

Below is a review by Mike A. from San Diego, CA

I recently had an opportunity to test Zensah Compression Socks and wanted to share my experience. First let me begin my compression sock review by saying that I am not stranger to compression. I have tried several brands, and wow, what difference with the Zensah Compression Socks.


Neon Green Compression Socks

Neon Green Compression Socks

Zensah Compression Socks are available in over 15 colors – both fun neon colors and argyle patterns. I opted for the neon green compression socks. The compression socks are made in Italy. The quality becomes very apparent as you as you put them on. As soon as they are on your feet, you realize that these are not ordinary compression socks. I also appreciated the padded heel and toe in each pair of the compression socks.

For those note familiar with how compression socks work, I wanted to take the opportunity to briefly explain in the review. The compression socks feature the greatest amount of compression in the ankle area and less in the calf area. This increase blood flow, and as a result, provides the muscles in body with more of the oxygen it needs to recover. Athletes are then able to train harder since their recover time is decreased.

I wore the compression socks on several runs. I found that they worked very well. To sum up on my compression sock review, Zensah has become my go-to choice for compression socks.

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